Sick Day(s)

Well, this weekend started with a bang, or more like a “uughh… *cough* … huff… *hack*… uh oh..*RUNS TO BATHROOM*”

Last Wednesday (February, 4th) I was doing well, I had made it off my week long cold, and all I had remaining was a small cough. … Then Thursday’s walk home complicated things a little. You know how in Ontario (at least Southern Ontario) we say that Hamilton is a hotbed for nasty air quality? In Russia, I would say it’s like Hamilton, x20. The air is so thick with pollutants and smog you can taste it in your mouth, feel it in the grit on your teeth, and eventually, it takes a toll on your lungs. (At least for this Canadian Girl).

On Thursday, Jessi, Erin and I adventured after class to find the St. Petersburg Oceanarium (I hope I spelt that right). According to my travelbook it was located at 8 Marata Street. We got off the metro and walked a good four or five blocks, only to see that 8 M. Street was nothing but shopping stores. We returned back to the metro (getting a little lost for a second, only because the entry and exits to Russian Metros are not the same spot all the time and headed home. On the way down the escalator (which is a rather long ride) I noticed a poster for the Oceanariam. It was located at 86 Marata Street. Ah well, either way. At least we know for next time. Thursday night, after a long day of walking I felt a sore throat again.

Woke up friday (I actually woke up many times between Thursday night and Friday morning due to aches and pains) with a sore throat, a very dry chest cough, headache, aches and paints, and a crazy headache. Unfortunately, it seems the most I could do was lie in bed and cough up a lung.

I hope this thing boots itself from my system before too long!

Till next update!