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This update will be more of a pictorial collage. I haven’t had time since my last update to write on the happenings around here due to the amazing amount of homework I am given each night. (It honestly blows my mind) I don’t understand how they expect students to take in Russia and do their homework, at the moment it seems it’s either one or the other.

Before I put up the pictures with a little narrative, I should mention my Internet situation. Currently, I do not have Internet in my dorm. I have gotten every one’s emails as of today, but I don’t have enough time at the moment to reply to them all (only allowed one hour on here) Every so often a sketchy wireless connection appears and I avoided connecting for the first week. I then found out that everyone in my group has tried this connection and it works sometimes. So, I do try to connect to it, but it only works about 10% of the time, and only stays connected for 10-15 minutes. So until I get my Internet in my dorm, I may be able to receive emails, but sending back out seems to kill my connection. I will be in touch soon though, I don’t know how much longer I can go without Internet and keep my sanity. So I will be working as hard as I can to get that connection.

Now for the pictures! Life in Russia since my last post has been tiring. It’s been mainly school, with a little bit of sight seeing on the side (mainly due to the amount of homework my lovely professor dishes out). The sights I have seen since my last post have been the Church on Spilled Blood/Saviour on Blood , and the Finlandskiy Railyway Station.

I unfortunately don’t have images of the Church on Spilled Blood/Saviour on Blood to share. When we got there I realized that I did not have a SD Card in my camera. I will definitely go back, and take more, but it was frustrating that the first time I should see the Church, I was not able to take pictures. After we saw the Church, we made a quick walkabout in the open market directly behind the church. There were some very interesting items for sale, and the sales people get all over you if you even glance at their wares. But overall, it was a nice first visit.

The weather in Russia right now is getting pretty darn cold. Apparently February is the coldest month in Russia, and I truly believe it. It’s hard to go about and do touristy things when class doesn’t end till 3, and it takes almost 2 hours to get home after that. You get pretty pooped. Not to mention how cold it is.

Anyway, the only other touristy thing I’ve been able to do thus far is make a quick visit to Finlandskiy Station. For those unfamiliar with the territory or history, Findlandskiy Metro/Train Station is the place where in April 1917, the exiled Lenin and his Bolshevik companions returned from Switzerland to a huge welcoming reception at this Rail Station. Although he was forced to flee Russia again in the Summer, he came back in the fall and spurred the 1917 Revolution. They now have a statue to Lenin erected here as well as the some of the train Lenin rode in on in 1917. (Pictures of this place are below)

Other than that, I got my student card finally (so I can now visit museums, etc for cheaper) and I plan on going to Tsarskoe Selo this Friday with some kids from the Saskatchewan group. (here is hoping it pans out this time, we planned to do this last Friday and they all dropped out)

Anyhow! Miss everyone and I hope to touch base with everyone soon (hoping the Internet works out soon!)



First I’ll start with Smolny!

The Smolny Convent, I believe.

Another great angle of it!

The Outter area of the 1/4th of the Smolney. One of these days I’ll get it all.

My Roomates! (minus Erin) outside Smolny! (From Left to Right; Jessi, Ross, Natasha, and Leah)

The Trip to Finlandskiy Station!!

The whole station, including Lenin.

Just Lenin, all alone, by himself. 😉 😛

Lenin’s Train!

And this is just a nice shot of St. Issac’s that I got the other morning on the way to campus. There is a bit of dirt on the picture, but that’s because our university bus has never washed it’s windows, probably since it was purchased.

Topics coming soon!!

Russian Food! And the odd things you’ll find here! (Yes! That’s Red Caviar Flavour!)

My Dorm! Here is a little taste for it. The highlighted red part is the dorm in which we all (all 6 of us) live. I’ll go into detail (with pictures!) soon!

Miss you all! ♥ ♥

4 thoughts on “Internet & Pictures

  1. Uncle Cliff & Aunt Sheila

    Our Dearest Laura,

    We have enjoyed your blog and are waiting with baited breath for your new installment. We pray that you are kept safe each and every day! Please be careful, and..uh…hey if you just happen upon some more of that Russian Vodka, have a hit for me..will ya(this is Uncle Cliff’s idea of a joke..lame isn’t it)

    We miss you & love you

    Aunt Sheila & Uncle Cliff

  2. Keith and Cathy

    Dear Laura

    I LOVE your blog – I read it over again every day!! I love all the details – definitely the information that I want to know about you every day!!

    I feel very close to you. Your picture was beautiful!!

    I’ve got a few suggestions re: pickpockets. Wear your purse under your coat (even if you look pregnant, who cares!!). Put the photocopy of your passport in your front pants pocket. Try to split your important stuff and put it in separate pockets ie. Visa, $s rather than in your purse. If you have a backpack, wear it to the front rather than the back – they do have knives and will cut your purse strap but if you have 2 straps, it will be harder not to notice. Don’t wear too many valuables – if you have your camera, put it into an inside pocket and only bring it out to take pictures. Put your mitts and Kleenex in your outside pockets so that when they do put their hands in your pockets they will get something but not valuable. Make sure your student card is in an inside pocket. And your metro pass. Hide extra money in your socks.

    Your confidence will improve and you will become more aware on the subway and busses. It is on the street too so do the same even when walking into a store on the Nevsky. Try to be with another person and watch each other.

    Love to you and a big HELLO to your friends

  3. Helen Azar

    Hi Laura, sounds like your having fun (despite all the homework), keep those blog entries coming! 🙂

  4. Helen Azar

    BTW, did you see the pickle or dill flavored potato chips yet? And you can actually get sour cream as dressing for your salad in McDonald’s (which you have to pay extra for) LOL.

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