My Weekend Date!

I have a date on Valentine’s Day!

Since my boyfriend at home is reading this and probably wondering what the heck I am talking about, let me show you my handsome and dashing date!

Does anyone know who that guy is?

I’ll give you three guesses:

    1. Pushkin
    2. Tchaikovsky
    3. Tsar Nicholas II

    That was a pretty easy give away eh? No? Maybe?

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It’s Some Junk in a Jar!

Since before we landed in Russia, my roomate has always wanted to see what is left of Rasputin (in a jar). Our Russian Revolution professor included it in one of our lectures, and it’s been on the itinerary since.

The following may be offensive to some and disgusting to all

So yeah…. On Monday Jessi was pumped to go see Rasputin’s alleged junk in a jar. The museum that was holding it was called the ‘Museum of Erotica’ which was based out of a still working venereal disease/proctology clinic. Even that sentence makes me want to go get another shower. The place was interesting to say the least. It really wasn’t a museum either, it was more of this clinic with some obscene figures in a shelf on the wall. Finally, at the end of the hall, there was Rasputin’s junk in a jar.

Jessi got her picture with it, Leah and Ross got their picture with it, so I tried to make the best of it, and got a picture with it. (I’m linking it, because looking at it might make people loose their lunch). Also I realize I look awful in this photograph, keep a sympathetic heart, I was really sick, I normally don’t look this bad.. really. 😉

For those who are historically interested. I don’t actually think it’s the real Rasputin junk. Rasputin was buried (fully intact I believe) in 1916. He was dug up again many months later (after the revolution) and burned. I do no think that before he was buried he junk went missing. And.. whatever is in that jar is too well preserved to be his junk when he was dug up months later.

So anyhow…. that was monday.. (maybe that’s why I felt so sick to my stomach tuesday? …no? 😉 )


Sick Day(s) Sick Week!

What a week!
Last Friday(February 6th) I happened to get pretty sick with what seemed like a flu and a cough.
The flu symptoms seemed to go away after a couple of days, but that cough (which has been haunting me since shortly after I landed in Russia) was here to stay. Normally, a cough isn’t the kind of thing that keep me from going places, or doing things…. but this cough was something I’ve never felt before.

I don’t know if you guys have had this experience, but when I cough after so many times one after the other I start to gag, which ends up with me running to the bathroom to get sick. This stayed with me from Friday the 6th, until, I would say… this morning. I went to class on Monday, and it was really bad so I stayed home Tuesday. (Remind me to mention Monday’s activities if I forget — It’s about Rasputin…kind of). Anyhow.. after staying home Tuesday I went in to school again Wednesday, problem was that the cough was still so stong that I ended up having to get up and leave class every 10 minutes to run to the bathroom. The last time I got up to leave, my teacher said that it would be best if I just left because I was interrupting the other students (which was true, and fair enough)…. so, I stayed home on Thursday to hopefully get better (because I have a date on Saturday! So I need to be better! — but I’ll go into detail on that later too). Anyhoo.. so that leads us to today. The cough was pretty bad last night, kept me up and little sleep = grumpy Laura. But! On the brighter side, the cough isn’t as bad as it has been all week. It has it’s moments, but it’s much better, so I think I am on the mend.

I hope I am on the mend anyway.. I’ve been sick ever since I landed here with either a cough or flu. I would like to be normal in Russia for once (normal – bodywise anyway).

So that’s the deal with why I haven’t gone hardly anywhere up until today. (which I’ll get into later as well)

So… here is hoping that I get better for the weekend and for the coming week of classes!

Till Next Update!

Internet and Shoutouts!

I am hoping to go get internet today.
There are these two super friendly American students we ran into who know how to cut the crap with the running around and just get internet from a local provider (instead of through the university). We’ll see how that goes.


Uncle Cliff & Aunt Sheila! > Hey Guys!! It’s so great to hear from you! Thanks for the well wishes! Sorry the blog is so late at getting updated. The internet around here is similar to the Canadian internet connections of 1996. (Thanks again for always letting me use your internet when I came over as a kid – it honestly made my day). I’ll be sure to do a shot of vodka with you guys in mind 😉 Love you guys! Miss you! ♥ Ps. A big Hello to Grandma if you see her! 🙂

Keith and Cathy > Hey Darlin’! It was so great to hear from you! I’m still waiting on a good internet connection to send all my emails back out. Until then, I am thinking of you guys, and I truly appreciate the pickpocket tips! I have taken full precaution now for them, and haven’t had another situation since. Thanks for the tips! I hope this message reaches you guys well! ♥

Helen > LOL! Thanks for the messages. I can’t say I’ve seen the dill pickle chips around here, but I’ll let you know if I do! We have them in Canada too, so it’ll be a great treat to find. (a little reminder of home food).
I actually hit up a local McDonalds the other week, it was interesting to see the other menu options!

Mom & Dad > Hey guys! Things are good here. I am still sick (only managed to get one day of school in this week — I tried for two, but ended getting sick at the school). But I took the other day off to sleep it off. I think things are starting to leave my system. Also, Dad, Russian are very big ABBA fans! You won’t believe the amount of ABBA (which also has Russian lyrics) I have heard over the last week. Love you guys! ♥

Eric> Miss chatting with you! Once internet happens (hopefully soon, as in today) we’ll chat it up. I hope your knee is feel better and today went okay. Love you! ♥ Give the kitteh’s lots of loves from me, I miss them too like crazy. I think I am going through cat-withdrawal.

Helena > I really hope you are feeling okay. I don’t imagine you’ll get this message, but I am thinking of you and I am hoping that things are okay. You’re one of the strongest ass-kicking ladies I’ve met, whatever comes your way, I have no doubt you’ll kick it down. *hugs*

HSA> HEY Groupies! Miss you guys like nuts. I could so use your humour and company here. How does Russia ’10 sound? 😀

Uh oh. Internet here is being difficult. I will save the rest of the updates for later.


I am not used to drama in residence (lucky for me, I know). But it seems that my luck as run out, as this weekend I got enough drama to last for the years I missed out before.

However, by today, one my roomates is moving to another room all together. So hopefully that will be the end of everything.

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Sick Day(s)

Well, this weekend started with a bang, or more like a “uughh… *cough* … huff… *hack*… uh oh..*RUNS TO BATHROOM*”

Last Wednesday (February, 4th) I was doing well, I had made it off my week long cold, and all I had remaining was a small cough. … Then Thursday’s walk home complicated things a little. You know how in Ontario (at least Southern Ontario) we say that Hamilton is a hotbed for nasty air quality? In Russia, I would say it’s like Hamilton, x20. The air is so thick with pollutants and smog you can taste it in your mouth, feel it in the grit on your teeth, and eventually, it takes a toll on your lungs. (At least for this Canadian Girl).

On Thursday, Jessi, Erin and I adventured after class to find the St. Petersburg Oceanarium (I hope I spelt that right). According to my travelbook it was located at 8 Marata Street. We got off the metro and walked a good four or five blocks, only to see that 8 M. Street was nothing but shopping stores. We returned back to the metro (getting a little lost for a second, only because the entry and exits to Russian Metros are not the same spot all the time and headed home. On the way down the escalator (which is a rather long ride) I noticed a poster for the Oceanariam. It was located at 86 Marata Street. Ah well, either way. At least we know for next time. Thursday night, after a long day of walking I felt a sore throat again.

Woke up friday (I actually woke up many times between Thursday night and Friday morning due to aches and pains) with a sore throat, a very dry chest cough, headache, aches and paints, and a crazy headache. Unfortunately, it seems the most I could do was lie in bed and cough up a lung.

I hope this thing boots itself from my system before too long!

Till next update!


Internet & Pictures

This update will be more of a pictorial collage. I haven’t had time since my last update to write on the happenings around here due to the amazing amount of homework I am given each night. (It honestly blows my mind) I don’t understand how they expect students to take in Russia and do their homework, at the moment it seems it’s either one or the other.

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