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Our Summer Artist

Ms. Lisa Aubry has been choosen as our featured Artist for Summer 2007. Lisa's artwork has been a fresh inspiration and continues to impress the many that view her wonderful pieces. Born in the beautiful country of France, Lisa undoubtedly grew up to be a remarkable artist and historian. Having rich ancestry from Russia, Lisa was able to learn the Russian language and get absorbed in the culture at an early age.

Being inspired by her teachers and education, Lisa obtained her degree in Art History, Russian Language and Culture in 2003/2004. Wishing to take her education further, Lisa took her masters, and wrote her final Thesis on "The female costume of Russian aristocracy, from Ivan the Terrible to Nicholas II". Continuing her education, Lisa is currently living in Paris, France to prepare herself for future museum work.

Lisa's artwork is outstandingly well done. Not only does she do a fantastic job in re-colouring antique images of the Romanov family, but she also draws in pastel and charcoal, paints in oil and sews historical reproduction apparel.

Lisa's amazing work can be viewed on her own blog located at:

Lisa's Artwork

All art is not to be taken without permssion of the artist.


I am also very lucky as Ms. Aubry has taken the time out of her overloaded schedule to draw me my own personal piece. This is a remarkably handsome work of art that adorns my bookshelf:

All art is not to be taken without permssion of the artist.


Grace was born in Macau, SAR of China (a Portuguese colony before 1999). She was raised in Canada but now she goes to college in the US. She became interested in the Romanovs after reading an article about Anastasia and the movie in the newspaper. She was captivated by the famous photo of Anastasia sitting on a sofa and thus, Anastasia is her favorite Grand Duchess. In addition to reading about the Romanovs and other royals, Grace enjoys drawing, painting and traveling

All art is not to be taken without permssion of the artist.


Jaime is a graphic artist/photo editor/layout person at a small newspaper in a small town in North Dakota, who has a big passion for Royalty, mainly from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. She is a college graduate from the class of 2003 and has a BA in Fine Arts, as well as another BA in History/Political Science.
She discovered her passion for royalty in her freshman year of college during a Photoshop class, where she found a picture of Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna wearing court dress and colored it.

During her spare time, Jaime can be found on the's message board as nerdycool. She also likes to play the Settlers of Catan with her boyfriend, find out all the info she can about the upcoming figure skating season (go Michelle Kwan!!!), and watch the ever-changing skies looking for tornados (hasn't found one yet).
Jaime is looking forward to the day when she and her future children can wear tiaras while winning the Settler's of Catan over her future husband (who wins far too often).

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I'm a 21 year old student at community college in Southern California. Most people tell me I'm intelligent and witty. In high school I was known as a nerd but everyone curiously knew who I was. I have the most awesome nerdy smart dorky boyfriend ever! I have way too many online friends and a few real, trusted buddies that I've known for 4+ years. There's not much else to say. I've lived in California all my life and prefer the South to anywhere else (all my family's there!) and wish to desperately visit Scotland, England and Russia. I have an obsessive love affair with history, politics and writing. I hate math. I've been interested in the Romanovs since I was 11, after seeing the cartoon Anastasia, and the rest is history! After seeing various people's colorized photographs online a few years ago I decided to try my hand at them. After five years of blood, sweat and tears (haha), I like to think they look somewhat realistic.

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My name is Katrina Kitchen. I am a 34 year old single mother of three beautiful girls:Kimberly age 16,Mikaela age 11,and Kathryn age 9.
I have loved the Romanovs and Russian history ever since I was a girl.It is just a very fascinating subject.Colorizing pictures is a hobby of mine that I adore.I love reading,watching movies,being with my girls,listening to music and anything to do with art.The forum at the Alexander Palace website has become my second home. My girls and I currently live in Ohio along with our 3 cats:Tinkerbell,Mickey and Petunia.

All art is not to be taken without permssion of the artist.