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Olga: The Last Grand Duchess was updated to the documentary section today. If you're not checking out the Facebook site, you should be! I've been giving away Romanov books!
More updates to come!


A very minor update was done to the Album section today. A request was made to scan the Marshall Island commemorative stamps, so I scanned the stamps and their matching envelope. The stamp set was made available to scan by the lovely Joanne Rempfer. Additionally Robby Bakker has kindly scanned a postcard set from the palace in Livadia which showcases the Romanovs. Enjoy!

03062011 News:
Well guys, can you believe it? I actually have updated the site!
Since the beginning of, I have had a desire to connect with viewers of the site and get their input for future updates. In the past I have asked for your input through opinion polls and emails, but no more! (well.. still email me!) But! There has been this revolutionary new communicating mechanism that will allow me to connect faster to you! It's called "Facebook" and "Twitter". *Gasp!* So join me as I embrace technology/social media on's new communication station(s)!

So stay in touch with me over Facebook and Twitter. I have a lot of questions that I will post on Facebook regarding the future of and I would like your opinions!

Edited this update to add:
Paul Gilbert of Royal Russia has just created a blog today! Mr. Gilbert has always worked hard at keeping up to date news and information on Imperial Russia available for those interested. I am happy to link his newly created blog! Good luck Mr. Gilbert!

So I bet you're wondering what my content update is eh?
Well, I am trying to re-do the content of the entire site to be honest, one section at a time. So I am starting with audio!

I have updated the audio section with an additional audio books, including authors such as Robert K. Massie, Edvard Radzinsky, Pierre Gilliard and more. I have also updated the soundtracks with some film and Broadway pieces. Additionally, the "miscellaneous" portion of the audio section now has some Radio Plays produced by the BBC, as well as a the Nicholas II album produced by Jeanne Bichevskaya. Ms. Bichevskaya's album is famous because according to her, the last track has the voice of Nicholas II. It's a recording during a military march, but I myself find it hard to differentiate the voices within the track.
Check them out guys and let me know what you think.

So, as a little hint of what is to come let me show you some sneak peaks....

Sneak Peeks: The Article Section: This is a part of the site that has been neglected since 2005 sadly. Well no more! I have found a new way to share articles that has made me rather excited! PDF's! I know this type of file format has been out for many, many years, but I have recently fell in love with it all over again. Want to see what I mean? Here is a sneak peek of two articles! Many, many more to come!

Special Update:

For those of you who are member of the Alexander Palace Forum, it is no secret that the wonderful member Sarah Miller (aka.Sarushka) is soon to have her work The Lost Crown published in the Spring/Summer of 2011! Ms. Miller has kindly agreed to let me interview her for an upcoming update!
So stay tuned and check in to see what she has in store.
To whet your appetite, check out this early bird review.

Well folks, that about raps up the update for March 6th, 2011! I am looking foward to connecting with you guys on Facebook and Twitter!