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~:Nicholas and Alexandra:~

In August 1904, Russian church bells pealed in wild celebration, naval and military cannon boomed a 300 gun salute and millions of people spread from the plains of Poland to the bleak shores of Russia’s Pacific coast cheered, danced or drunk themselves into a stupor. All this was more then loyal fervor to mark the birth of a son to Tsar Nicholas II. The baby boy born in that hot summer offered a hope of continuity and progress. At last the Tsar, their father and ruler, had a male heir. The familiar order would continue. And if, in the holy Russia state, there were injustices, if there was poverty, starvation and sometimes repression, all this was only because the Tsar was ignorant of it. Guided by God, by whose Divine right he ruled, the Tsar – or his son – would surely remedy every wrong. The boy was not the Tsar’s first child. Four royal daughters had preceded him. But remembering all that they has suffered under the Empress Catherine the Great, the Russians had for two centuries accepted a law of accession which prohibited a woman from becoming their ruler. Nicholas, the Tsar, and the Empress Alexandra could not guess the cruel trick fate had played in making the baby hemophiliac. Nor could they suspect that their love for one another and ambitions for their heir would end 300 years of a dynasty, precipitate a bloody revolution and change world history forever.
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